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Anglické gymnázium,
SOŠ a VOŠ, s.r.o
Gorkého 867
530 02 Pardubice

Ředitelství: 466 303 105
Sekretariát: 466 303 083
Fax: 466 303 105


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Info EN

English Grammar School, Secondary School and Post-secondary School, Ltd.,
Gorkého Street, 530 02 Pardubice

The establishment of our private school Polabska Private Business Academy dates back to September 1st, 1994. At the beginning of its existence it was possible to study in only one branch of education, namely the Business Academy. Gradually the educational offer of the school was broadened. Since 2000 we have been a school with more branches, which affords the possibility of a four-year daily study in our secondary schools, three-year daily study at our post-secondary school, and a one-year course of foreign languages for students who have completet the school-leaving exam.

On September 1st, 2006, the original name of the school was changed to English Grammar School, Secondary School and Post-socondary School, Ltd. The administrator of the school is ACADEMIA, Ltd.

Offers for the school year 2009/2010

I. For students of Elementary Schools

Four-year daily study in one of the following branches

  • Grammar School – English language specialization 79-41-K/41
  • Business lyceum 78-42-M/02
  • Business Academy 63-41-M/02
  • Information Technologies in Economics 18-20-M/01

II. Secondary School Graduates

  • Three-year certificate daily study – Finance and Taxes 63-43-N/09
  • One-year daily course of foreign languages (English)

Offer of study for students graduating from elementary schools

In all types of education it is possible to choose from 7 foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Latin). As well as our highly qualified Czech speaking language teachers, we have at our disposal both native speakers and those who have taught abroad. The school is well-equipped with multimedia technologies, information and communication technologies. We cooperate very closely with our partner schools in Italy, Germany and Great Britain.

Courses outlines

The branch Grammar School – English language specialization 79-41-K/41(AGY) comes out of the requirement of the Government of the Czech Republic to increase the level of knowledge in English in our population. In the curriculum there is a strong emphasis on English lessons and some subjects are taught only in English. This course concentrates on interpreting. Excellent conditions for study abroad will be arranged. During the course students will be prepared for passing international exams (PET, FCE, IELTS, TOEFL). Other foreign languages which can be studied are German, Russian, Spanish, French, Italian. From the second grade it is possible to study either the third foreign language, or the students can choose Latin. Internationally written textbooks are provided to our students at no cost.

Business lyceum 78-42-M/02 joints the quality of grammar schools with professional specialisation of business academies. Business lyceum is suitable for the students who are ready to study hard and prepares them for studies at universities and post-secondary schools. School-leavers can go to work as well. Students can choose from German, Russian, Spain, French or Italian as a second foreign language. From the 2nd grade it is possible to study a 3rd modern foreign language or Latin.

Business Academy 63-41-M/02 provides business education with professional specialisation, with preference of information technologies and foreign languages. The education is aimed at accounting, economics and their connection with information technologies . The graduates are flexible and easily trainable in practice.

Information Technologies in Economics 18-20-M/01  is suitable for those who are interested in information technologies seriously and want both to become computer experts and study economics, accounting and other economic subjects. During the course students will work with graphic programs, database systems, computer networks. They will manage programming and creating web sites. The first foreign language is English. All the students will be lent a personal computer by the school throughout their studies.

Partnership schools, foreign stays

To improve and practise students´ knowledge of foreign language our school gets involved in international cooperation especially in Italian, German, British and Czech schools specialized in English language. Our school organises exchanges of students which are mostly financially supported by the European Union and its grants.

Offers for secondary school graduates

Daily study of Post-secondary School

The branch Finance and Taxes is suitable for secondary school graduates who want to complete and extend their professional education beyond the graduation exam and get practical skills. The daily course takes three years and prepares students for demanding activities in economy, especially in the field of finance and taxes, in accounting departments of production and trade companies, in tourism and other services both on middle and higher posts. Graduates can work as tax specialists, accountants or counselors and procurators. The course is divided into five terms of theoretical education and one (i. e. 6th) term of professional practice and is finished with the final exam. The graduates are entitled to use the title of DiS. The course is focused at practical skills and abilities. Higher education improves the chances of greater income and lowers the risk of unemployment.

A one-year post secondary language course

The post-secondary language course is accredited by the Ministry of Education as a one-year daily language course for secondary school leavers. The course is aimed at students who are interested in increasing their qualification with the possibility of taking either nationally recognized state exam or international English exams. Social and health insurance is paid for all the students who enrol for the course in the year of passing the school-leaving exams. Available subjects: English The course is spread throughout the school year (September – June) with a weekly allocation of 20 lessons of the foreign language.

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