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AGYS, a private secondary school, is indeed a gateway to the world. We offer a unique blend of education, including up to 22 hours in English per week, native speakers, and language certificates. Whether you aspire to study at a foreign university, work in an international corporation, or explore the globe, AGYS provides an excellent starting point for your adventures.
Why you should choose AGYS
studentky z agysu

Main highlights of our school

7 Foreign Languages
In our globalized world, proficiency in multiple languages is essential. At AGYS, you can choose from seven different languages to learn (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Latin).
Study Abroad Opportunities
Break down boundaries even during high school! Our Erasmus+ program allows you to participate in exchange programs or continue your education at foreign universities.
No Fear of Graduation
Don’t worry about the dreaded graduation exam. With our guidance, almost everyone can handle it successfully.
Native Speakers

Quality language skills go beyond textbooks. At AGYS, you’ll interact with native speakers who will guide you through the difficulties of foreign languages

Internationally Recognized Exams
We prepare you for Cambridge English Exams, opening doors to the world.
Gateway to The College

Almost all of our graduates go on to university. You will find them at prestigious universities not only in the Czech Republic, but all over the world.

Škola, která ti otevře cestu do světa

Unikátní obory nabízející až 23 hodin týdně v angličtině, rodilí mluvčí a jazykové certifikáty součástí výuky. To jsou jen některé z argumentů, proč studovat naši školu.
Zjisti, proč studovat Agys

English Grammar School

  • You’ll be speaking English 23 out of 33 hours per week: Thanks to our unique teaching approach, most of your subjects will be taught in English. You’ll spend two full days each week conversing exclusively in English.
  • Learn up to 3 foreign languages: While English takes the lead, we also emphasize other foreign languages. You can study up to three different languages with us.
  • All graduates continue to higher education: Nearly all our students pursue higher education. Many of your predecessors have gone on to careers in interpretation, but the choice is yours.
  • 100% success rate in graduation exams: Despite the term “graduation” implying adulthood, you won’t break a sweat. With our guidance, you’ll handle it gracefully.
  • Cambridge Exams up to native speaker level (C2): You’ll have the chance to take the prestigious Cambridge English exam for free, right here at our school.
  • Excellent preparation for any university: Whether you plan to continue your studies with us or head to a foreign university, we’ll equip you to deal with any challenge.
  • International classes: Among your classmates, you’ll likely find students from other countries or those whose native language isn’t Czech.

Grammar School Lycée

  • Youll be speaking English up to 18 out of 33 hours per week: English rules the world. You’ll learn several subjects in English, and one day a week, you won’t speak any other language.
  • Grammar School Program with specialized subjects: Our teaching approach is similar to a Grammar school program, but we also include specialized economic subjects. We’ll also provide you with a solid foundation in biology and other subjects, so you can pursue any university course after school.
  • Graduation without worries: You don’t need to fear graduation; with us, you’ll handle it effortlessly. Focus on what you’ll do after school!
  • Opportunity to take the international Cambridge English Exam: Cambridge English Exams are prestigious and internationally recognized proof of your language abilities. You’ll have the chance to take them right here.
  • Excellent preparation for any university study: Still unsure which field you want to focus on in the future? With this program, all paths will remain open for you.
  • International classes: Among your classmates, you’ll likely find students from other countries or those whose native language isn’t Czech.

PR, Media, and Marketing Communication

Are you creative? Do you enjoy interacting with people? Are you constantly seeking something new and are you not afraid to voice your thoughts aloud? In the field of marketing, you have nearly endless possibilities. It all depends on the direction you choose after school. You’ll gain quality general and specialized knowledge, and in addition, you’ll encounter several subjects taught in English. In short, it’s excellent preparation for the modern world.

  • Subjects taught in English: You’ll encounter subjects taught in English, ensuring you stay relevant in the modern world of internet and communication.
  • Unique and enjoyable field: Studying this field will be enjoyable. Plus, you needn’t worry about employability - only few fields offer as many possibilities.
  • Outstanding practical experience: Our specialized subjects focus on practical skills. You’ll learn to use cameras, write effective texts, and even delve into psychology and marketing basics!
  • Perfect preparation for university: Nine out of ten students continue to universities, specializing in economic and humanity fields like marketing or communication.
  • Partnerships with leaders in the field: We cooperate with the best, including institutions like Vyšší odborná škola publicistiky in Prague and the Metropolitan University Prague.
  • Experts as teachers: Lecturers from the real-world will teach you. No monotonous theoretical lessons here - our teachers have valuable insights to share.
  • Opportunity to study up to 3 languages: While English is crucial, we don’t stop there. You can study up to three foreign languages with us, ensuring global communication.

Contact Information

AGYS - Anglické gymnázium a Střední odborná škola, s.r.o.

Gorkého 867
530 02 Pardubice

IČ: 64827364
REDIZO: 600012298
Founder: ACADEMIA, s.r.o.

Secretariat: +420 466 303 083