Andrea Gajdošáková

Agys Práce studentů

Procrastinating. Oh, what a wonderful thing it is. Instead of doing what you are supposed to do, you do all the other things that needed to be done but were put off because they did not seem appealing at that time.

For example, before online school started, I really did not want to organise my room but now, instead of doing my homework, I had the sudden urge to clean my whole room. And even before that I was doing anything else just to avoid it, from binging anime to googling random facts on the internet.

Did you know that you would need at least 2,352 completely drained donors to make an iron longsword out of blood? No? Well, now you know.

Or did you know that every apple contains about 3.92 milligrams of cyanide in its seeds? Therefore, a person weighing 70 kilograms would need to eat 143 seeds to reach the lethal dose.

And since I believe you would also like to procrastinate, here’s  a video about an unlimited rice pudding: