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The best way to deal with procrastination

I think that now is it even harder to avoid procrastination. We don’t have so much motivation to do our work or study. There are way more things that can distract us and we all know that it is way more fun to watch TV series than do homework. But how to deal with procrastination or minimize it? It is hard to put the phone away or shut the TV off. I have my own way. If you plan your study time you will be much more productive. Plan it with 15- or 20-minute breaks between each subject. It will help you keep your concentration longer. Another awesome way how to study or do your homework is to call with your friend. You can help each other and talk during those small breaks. It is a good way of keeping in touch with some social life and to talk to somebody else than parents or siblings at home. My all-time favorite way how to keep your focus is to eat chocolate. It sounds unhealthy but believe me, it does wonders. It is proven that chocolate can help you concentrate more and reduce stress. In my case it really helps with both things. I personally like to do more work in one day and have more free time the rest of the week, so it is my motivation to have some free self-time. I also like to play music – it helps me work quicker and actually I can remember what I’ve learned thinking about the song I listened to while studying. It is for the best to mute your phone and put it off the desk you work at so the only temptation there is the chocolate. When you struggle with something it always helps to go to the garden and clear your mind and after that you can get back to your studying. And remember to have a positive mindset and everything will work out.                                                                                              Justýna, 2.D


The best way to deal with procrastination

Everyone knows that feeling when you’re having a hectic week. Although you´ve already done a lot of work, there is still a bunch of work ahead of you and many deadlines to meet. The most comfortable way is to leave it for later. But is it the best way to deal with it?

Scientists say that about 95 % of the world’s population deal with procrastination. We prefer to choose to do any other work or activity than the uncomfortable given task. We know we should’ve already done it, but we still can’t make ourselves finish it. It is only voluntary delaying the things that will have to be done anyway, eventually.

People sometimes confuse procrastination with laziness, which is not the same thing. In procrastination, you choose to do something else instead of doing the given task. Repeated procrastination is considered a bad habit or even a mental health issue, associated with many mental illnesses (anxiety, depression, ADHD, OCD).

Procrastination is very common among healthy people as well. We usually procrastinate because of a bad mood and the reluctance of doing the tasks. The most affected groups are students and working adults. There are a couple of ways how to overcome it.

My advice? When you are assigned some tasks, look over them and start with the ones which have the earliest deadlines. You can make a schedule for the week, set your priorities, and divide your work. If you work the whole day and you’re already exhausted, it’s not bad to take a rest or a short nap. Get some coffee or tea and let your mind and body rest. You can prepare some food to get the energy back or take a quick shower, then you come back rested and mentally prepared for the task. Motivate yourself. Convince yourself that you can do it and get to work. It will help you get all the work done without stressfully fulfilling the tasks you put off at the last minute before the deadline. If you deal with repeated procrastination and you cannot overcome it yourself, finding professional help is also a great option. Remember that you can do everything you set your mind to. So, get back to work and good luck!                                                                                                          Lenka Sladká, II. D

How to survive the lockdown? 

In my opinion, these times can be challenging for all of us, but we have to keep looking on the bright side of this. Haven’t you ever, even just once, wished for a week when you could be only at home? I think everybody has. Even though I know this perhaps isn’t exactly what you imagined or dreamt of, it can still be beneficial.


Just relax and do the things that you usually don’t have the time for… Go for a walk, somewhere quiet, with beautiful nature, and take a deep breath. Try to cook or bake something you’ve always wanted to try. Or read a book, watch movies, and also, spend time with your family. This is a great opportunity to strengthen the relationship with your family, because I bet that normally with school, their work and so on, there isn’t much time left for that. Of course we also have to do the school stuff, but I think in the afternoon there’s always some time left.

So just keep calm, stay cheerful and try to enjoy these weird times. I mean, it’s hopefully a „once in a lifetime” kind of experience.          Lucy M, 3.D


How to survive the lockdown? 

I guess that there is no best way how to deal with this unusual situation. Everyone has had to find their own strategy but for me it was to stay concerned about school stuff and hope for a better tomorrow.

One thing that always helps is the support from my close friends, we are all in the same situation and we are all missing old times at school and going out together, so we just think about the nice things before the lockdown and say “soon we will see each other again”.

I have to admit, it was really hard to get used to sitting in front of my computer every day for several hours and paying attention to teachers trying to explain everything that they would tell us at school in person, but I suppose that we are getting better and better and things are clearer than before, at least for most of us.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we are all in this together and we have to stay positive (I mean in our thoughts) and I am sure we will all be fine and together soon!                                         Zuzka M, 3.D


As I find myself waking my abode day in and day out do the same tedious schedule, I’ve gotten so acquainted to for the past half year, I come to think that this idle state is eating me apart. I have gotten to the point that waking in the morning is like a dreadful sin that I cannot escape, as I climb out of the bed I cannot find myself a stimulate to even begin my dull day. Plunging onto my chair I thrust my finger onto the case of a computer that has been working like a servant every day to keep me connected with the outside world that I have right beside my window. As I look onto the screen, I hope to god that the analysis of my work by my teachers had been sufficient for me to receive a virtual appraise. Slowly tumbling out of my chair I extend my hand to unlatch the gate that had kept me in my cell for the past week, I catch a sight of a fluffy beast which had kept me awake at every hour of the night by his beastly growling and scratching of the pristine wooden floor, the beast then reaches out to me with his fore to greet me as if he had not seen me a thousand years. This, ladies and gentlemen, is what makes me endure.                                                                 Ondra P, 2.D

How to survive the lockdown? 

The lockdown started in the Czech Republic at the beginning of October and it still continues. The restaurants, schools, small shops, services are closed. We can´t go clubbing,  to the concerts, gyms. We have to be home until 9 p.m. at the latest. If we want to go outside in the daytime, we will wear a mask, which must cover all our breathing paths. I don´t like this, but I understand that some measures must be taken to save our health and old people. Retired people aren´t

immune enough like younger people. Everybody has to study online because of closing all schools. I would rather go to school than stay home and learn. I don´t like self-study. I miss my classmates and teachers. I often do my homework in the last minute. For me, online tuition is harder and more stressful.  Now I have to be more responsible for my schoolwork and for my knowledge. And how to survive the lockdown? Stay positive and calm. Go to the nature frequently. Everyday go for a walk. Do some exercises home. Read new or your favorite books. Try to run, ride a bike. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. Avoid contact with other people. Stay home and follow the rules.

Be responsible for your health and the health of other people.                                                                              Aneta K, 2.D

How to survive lockdown

This is a challenging time for every one of us, but I am certain that we can survive this together. The more we comply with these restrictions, the sooner we will be able to return to our normal lives. However, I realise that it can be difficult so I will share some tips that help me to get through this lockdown without going crazy.

First, you should stay at home as much as possible, which I am sure you know. But it gets extremely boring and repetitive after a few days. Most of you probably watch Netflix, which is a great way to have fun and, also kill some time. You don’t necessarily need to have Netflix but I think you should definitely have access to a lot of movies and TV shows – believe me. I am fully aware that also movies can get a little dull after watching them for way too long, which implies that your neck or back might hurt as well.

This lockdown also gives you a lot of free time and I would recommend spending it as efficiently as you possibly can. This gives you the opportunity to work on yourself. You can perhaps start working out, going for a run regularly – just start new routines that are good for you. After that, pamper yourself with a bubble bath, cook something delicious, take a nap or go for a relaxing walk. Don´t forget to stay in contact with your friends but only online of course. A night call with them can definitely cheer you up.

One of the key things that makes u stay “alive” is your way of thinking. You must think positively because trust me, things will get better.      Nikola S, 2.D



I believe that for all of us, lockdown survival is difficult. On the other hand, this is the second one, so I think it’s easier to handle. I have five tips, thanks to them I can handle it. I decided to share them with you…

  1. Socialising– discordfacebook/messenger, instagramwhatsappsnapchat 

To be not able to meet with my friends is the biggest issue for me. How to substitute personal contact? Well, I don’t think you can. I use several social networks to stay in touch with them at least virtually. I facetime with them, call, share photos and videos, and most of all I text with them. I spend much more time on my phone these days, but I think this is the only possible way to deal with this.

  1. Passiveentertainment 

Being quite an active person, I usually can’t stand sitting and watching movie or series … I go swimming, I play floorball, I run and I like to go out with friends – I do that almost every ordinary day. Well, I can’t swim, play floorball and go out with friends right now. So all I have left is running. I had to find other forms of entertainment I could do at home. I´ve started drawing and I can even watch movies and series now. I mainly watch anime and in the end I’m glad I have time for these things. Now that there is no other option, it does not seem like a waste of time. I also started playing various games. Both board with the family and on the computer and playstation. I also found many new music artists I like. I listen to music 24/7. I enjoy that, but I could not live just like that forever.

  1. Spendingsome time outside of the house 

When I’m at school, I do not spend much time at dormitory. I’m outside every day. Here, at home in the Orlické Mountains I go running at least 3 kilometers to the forest every day. it’s a good form of relaxation.

  1. Make timefor yourself 

I try to make time for myself. Since I relax a lot, I think a lot about things as well. Many things that have been running in my head and I finally have enough time to thing about them deeply. In crisis and unusual situations,

we can get to know ourselves best. I try to take care of myself because I spend the most time with myself now. So I can’t get bored of myself. I try to do something different every day.

  1. School

I really hate being homeschooled. It’s driving me crazy. I don’t procrastinate, but I am sure that this form of education does not provide me with as many opportunities and is not as good as the one at school. I really look forward to going to school again. TBH I kinda think I will start procrastinating soon… We also get many tasks for every day, so it is also very hard to manage to do all of them in time. I sympathize with those who are going to graduate this year. It really sucks…                 Johana Z, 2.D