Compare and contrast – Dishonored

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Dishonored was a magnificient title when it came out in 2012. It was a masterclass in all things concerning game design, writing, world building and even voice acting. The captivating sceneries, complimented by a brilliant soundtrack, left many fans wanting more of the plague ridden and blood bathed city of Dunwall. Where there is demand, supply is soon to follow and naturally, Arkane studios delivered in the formo f several content packs for the original game and eventually, a sequel in 2016.

Dishonored 2 had very high expectations, and handled the pressure very well. Its success on the market was dwarfed only by its predecessor. Nevertheless, the second installation follows in the original´s footsteps competently, improving myna mechanics that were lacking in the first. It shares many characters with the first game, mostly the ones that managed not to die, or somhow came back to life. It tells a peculiar story, one harder to follow and less relatable than the original did.

All in all, both are outstanding games and deserve the love and praise they get, although personally I prefer the original due to its superior story talking and attention to detail. It teaches important life lessons and has a particularly memorable část of characters; I harbor a special kind of love for it.

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