Compare and Contrast Essay

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As far as I can remeber, I´ve always been a football fan. Football is a very special thing to me. And as every sport does, foorball has always had lots of rivalries. Pelé and Maradona, Barcelona and Madrid, even Pardubice nad Hradec. But one particular rivaly stands out. One that started countless arguments, destroyed friendships and split the world of football into the halves. Messi versus Ronaldo.

I consider myself lucky to live in an era of not one, but two of the greatest players of all time. But only one can be the best. Well, that depends. There are a lot of Ronaldo and Messi fans. I have the ability to be neutral in this topic as I support both, or neither if you like. If I´d consider only statistics, Messi´s the best. With 752 goals in 935 games, Messi has a better goal per game ratio beating Ronaldo´s stunning 790 goals in 1080 games by 0.07 in the goal per game category. That´s impressive to say the least as Christiano plays in the striker position and Messi´s a winger.

When it comes to assists, ther´s only one winner. Lionel´s play making abilities are second to none, beating Ronaldo by almost a hundred with over 100 games less. However, Ronaldo´s assists are still remarkable compared to others in the beautiful game. Messi wins in the passing, dribbling and free-kick category as well. Ronaldo takes the win in the penalty, hattrick and shooting category. Christiano has less individual trophies. But the whole football world will agree that he´s been robbed more than once.

So statistically, Messi is the best footballer. You simply can´t argue with numbers. But I´d say that Christiano has more influence on and off the pitch. His name is known all around the world and he inspired millions of people. You can´t say that about Messi. Ronaldo´s success is based on hard work and endless training. Messi on the other hand is extremly talented.

In the end, it doesn´t matter who´s better. We should simply just enjoy the two living legends as long as we can. Who knows when players like this come round again.


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