Daniel Horčic: Procrastination

Agys Práce studentů

What exactly is procrastination, you might ask yourself.

In all honesty, it is the easiest thing which most of us does.

Do you know the feeling when you are to study for an extremely hard exam which is going to take place tomorrow, but instead you return all of your study materials back to a shelf and go to watch Netflix?

Well, by doing that, you are procrastinating.

Why do you do it?

It is rather simple, just because you can and want to. And let’s be real, we all do.

Procrastination, by its definition means an action of delaying something. And that is exactly what you are doing when procrastinating, you are delaying doing certain things by doing something entirely different.

Each and every one of us procrastinates in a very different way or fashion; some of us go and watch Netflix, others read some book, listen to their favourite music and some even so a thing as simple as staring onto a wall in their room.

All of that only so they do not have to do the thing which they are in fact to do, such as studying for a test. The reality and truth that this intentional delaying of important things may end up badly for us is a matter of a different discussion.

Even I was procrastinating for a very long time before actually writing this very article. So, what can I say? Maybe only:
Keep your spirits up in these hard times, and happy procrastination to you all.

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