Dorotta D: How to deal with procrastination

Agys Práce studentů

The first question that comes up to my mind is: What exactly is procrastination? The Cambridge dictionary describes it as the act of delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring. I bet everybody has experienced this before.

My first advice is to get more informed about what exactly you struggle with. That is why I´d like to recommend this great book that can help you understand this problem and help you deal with it. The book is called The End of Procrastination (CZ: Konec prokrastinace) and is written by Czech writer, science populariser, and entrepreneur Petr Ludwig.

This book is easy to understand and learn from it. It explains difficult things in simple terms and can improve your motivation and self-discipline. There are some tips I use:

1) To-do list – Writing a to-do list is essential for me to organize my time. I write down things I need to do and put it in a visible place.

2)  Small segments – Big goals can be difficult to finish. But if you split it into smaller parts and deal with it step by step it will become easier to complete.

3) Options – I suppose you heard about decision paralyze, when you have too many options it is difficult for you to pick one. There is nothing easier than limit yourself to only one or two options.

4) Relaxation – To keep concentration on one task for a long time is difficult for everybody. You should intercut your work with other activities. Do some sport, meet friends, read a book, cook or just take a nap.

I hope you will find your ideal way of dealing with procrastination and that your life becomes less stressed and more focused on important tasks.

VIDEO: How to End Procrastination (Petr Ludwig)