Erik Černohous: Procrastination

Agys Práce studentů

Procrastination is a term I’m very well accustomed to. It has been haunting my productivity since I was a small babe in the crib. I have been stalked by this ancient eldritch horror so long as I can remember. Theres a mutual agreement between my brain and my heart that vanity of my existence shall not be followed upon by my idle ignorance. I attempt to take precautions against this vile terror every day yet I still fall victim to this phenomenon. Most of the time when I feel myself being subjected to procrastination it’s because I fall back into the safety net that is my own room. Lately I’ve been gaining control and trying to fight my own lazy nature but I still have a long way to go on my path to procrastination free life. Nevertheless, I shall continue my battle against this modern pest holding my head high every step of the way.

Erik Černohous