Exams, exams, never-ending exams

rohja Práce studentů

A challenge for every student in any country – exams, are an unavoidable pain in the butt not only because of their difficulty, but also mainly because of the fact you have to study for them. But over time I have gotten used to it. Here are my tips to do better in exams

  1. Don’t think about them – the main stress coming from exams is not the actual exam itself, it’s how you’re forced to think about the possible consequences – solution: sit back and relax, do fun activities.
  2. Learn progressively – several studies have shown that learning a bit every day improves your memory of the subject by a lot. You also remember the information for a lot longer.
  3. Be well rested and feel well – one of the main factors for doing well on a test is feeling well. Go to sleep earlier than usual. Have a breakfast that’ll keep you feeling good for the rest of the day.

These are my general pieces of advice for any student, hope they help.

Ondřej Pospíšil – 3.D