Filip Štusák: Not going insane 101

Agys Práce studentů

Well, the general misconception is that quarantine distances people and while that’s kind of logical, there’re always two sides of a coin.

What I found quite shocking is actually the fact that everyone suddenly has much more free time and I think that this is in fact the best thing. Reaching out to people and deepening already existing relationships or straight up making new ones has literally never been easier and is certainly the highlight of quarantine for me. Now, combine that with hobbies or similar interests and you’re set for days.

Personally, I started playing the electric guitar together at the same time with a very close friend of mine and although we’re nowhere near Van Halen’s level, the improvement is there and it makes us both grin every time we get over a song together without making a mistake.

Another example of making new friends during quarantine is one girl from our school, I won’t mention her name because she’s introverted, but we started chit-chatting when the lockdown was put in place and met in person for the first time just yesterday, it was funny. Shoutout to her though, she’s cool and I’m glad I found another like-minded individual.