Kateřina Hamplová: Procrastination

Agys Práce studentů

I procrastinate. I procrastinate often, I procrastinate with a portion of enthusiasm and I´m frankly proud of it. Why would I like it all that much, you ask? Have you heard of active procrastination? The type of procrastination when you do tasks instead of staring at the wall? Yes, I do that.

My all-time favorite are things completely unrelated to that single math homework I´m supposed to finish. Did you know that Queen Elizabeth I. of England owned genuine human hair lace? Who was the founder of background music, hah? I bet you didn´t know it was Satie, did you? Do you even procrastinate? Yes, I thought so, you don´t.

You said you consider procrastination to be a bad habit? Honestly, why? Is it irresponsible? Yes, but it´s tiring to be responsible all the time. Sometimes you just need to let go, grab yourself a book about nothing useful, and read it through. Remember when you were ten and read Robinson Crusoe instead of your algebra? You learned how to make bread and much more. And you had fun! Isn´t that way more valuable?

If you´d like to procrastinate by watching videos, check this out!