Linda Nováková: How to survive Lockdown

Agys Práce studentů

Situation in our world is so crazy and some states are having a Lockdown. And I’m not gonna lie when I’ll say that it can be really boring at home sometimes. But because of boredom I decided to write this post and show there some activities, that I do when boredom comes to me.

1) Let’s bake something!

Every time I’m bored baking is the first activity that comes to my mind. I always play music or some TV series and bake something. So don’t be scared, take a wooden spoon and bake a cake, pie or some bun!

2) Meet with your friends!

Oh I know…you are asking yourselves if I’m not crazy, that you can’t meet with your friends because you have to stay home. BUT you can still meet with your friends though not in person. You can make arrangements with your friends and you can call with them and, for example, you can play some online games together. So go ahead and ask them a for call!

3) Become a shopaholic!

One of my biggest hobbies in Lockdown is shopping, my wallet is slowly starting to cry, but you know I needed the dresses and the shirt and I even need the doormat with kitties! No, I’m just kidding…the doormat was with puppies of course. Yeah, so let’s “go” shopping.

4) Netflix&chill

I think that you already did this, but it is one of the best ways to kill the boredom, right? So watch some good movie or series. Because Christmas is near I watch just Christmas movies already. So you can try it too.

5) Start your writer carrier

There’s this platform named Wattpad, where you can write your own stories. I think most of you know it. So, if you have some good idea on “book” you can write it! Some books from here actually become a movie, so maybe your book will be a movie once.

6) Family time

And the best way to kill your boredom is family time. You can spend time with you furry friends or play board games with your family. Just go to them and you’ll definitely come up with a good activity together. You’ll see it’ll be so much fun!

So why are you still reading this post? Go do some activity and stop being just on your phone.