Vanesa Petarčiková: How to live more ecologically?

rohja Práce studentů

Well, it is simple to say how but to make it happen, it is something different.

Humans are greedy and selfish, so before we start to live ecologically or at last do something about it, we must change ourselves first. Of course, you should recycle, don’t waste food and buy only the necessary stuff. But those would be the basic things we keep saying, but nothing seems to have changed. Pretty sad.

So why is it so hard to do something about it? As I have already said, people are greedy. 

Why would they do something like that, right? Companies earn money from things we should stop using or at least reduce the need for them. Like gas, plastic and power plants. Why can’t we just use electric cars and reduce air pollution? Why can’t we stop using power plants which are powered by coal and other things which cause harm to our planet? People must stop being so selfish and arrogant and should start to think about solutions how to save our beautiful planet.

The first thing that has to change is us. Especially the people that own the big companies. They have to realize that the actions they benefit from are harmful to our environment. This is something that truly bothers me, but I cannot do anything about it. Thus, let’s talk about what we, students, and average people, can do:

Plastic straws – You might think that it’s hilarious to ban a little plastic straw. They have a negative impact on our oceans and marine wildlife but if we stop using them, it will make a huge difference.

Recycle, recycle, and again, recycle – Just recycle the damn paper and plastic bottles. It is not a big deal and it will help a lot.

Do not waste – One of the most common things you should do. Try not to buy so much food, so you don’t have to throw it away. Take showers instead of taking a bath.

Electricity – Plug off your electric devices which you don’t use.

You can also plant trees, compost, use eco-friendly products, etc…

It’s not late to do something about the environment we live in. Even these small actions are genuinely helpful.

Vanesa Petarčiková 2.B