Procrastination under the Veil

Agys Aktuality

Procrastination is pretty much just a fancy word for ‘Nah, I’mma do it later.’ It has been in our society and human demeanor since, like, forever. The first mention of the phenomenon comes all the way from ancient Greece, say around 700BC, when a certain Hesiod enlightens his brother Perses, a brilliant money-squanderer, to stop being lazy and actually stand up on his feet and go working in order to earn the dough.


Was he correct, though, using the word lazy to describe his bro’s attitude? I am well aware this doesn’t apply to everyone since we’re all different people, but let’s try to tackle this problem from a bit more general perspective. Are you lazy if you put off doing your physics homework when you’re more of a linguistics kind of guy? Of course not, you just procrastinate because it’s not really your thing, right? You are forced to do that assignment. And that right here is where the aim of this text comes up.


Does procrastination only occur when a person is compelled to do something that doesn’t fit their field of interest? I would definitely say so. No one postpones any task if it is in their own interest.

Subjugation does.