Living in the never-ending quarantine

rohja Práce studentů

Dear readers,

As all of you have probably noticed by now, our lives have been shaped and limited like never before. In this blog entry, I’d like to deliver a fun recap of what we’ve been through so far – covid’s had its ups and downs, quarantining turned out to be far less exciting than we’d expected, but I’m hoping for this article to be a relatable trip down the memory lane for all of you who might be stuck at home on these cold and lonely days.

We’ve all been there – waking up and immediately joining an online lesson or meeting, barely staying awake as the person on the other side goes on and on about something that could’ve been an email. Two weeks of this sound fun enough, but definitely not two years. Gotta say I found it somewhat appealing to join in on important business meetings wearing a dress shirt and pyjama bottoms, but the excitement slowly wears off… leaving only a bitter taste in your mouth and the realization that this might take longer than expected. Think of the bright side though: I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to shut down for a while, enjoy the comfort of your home and perhaps even treat yourself to a generous Netflix subscription.

What would you say to your past self who is just about to experience such an insane life challenge? Let me know in the comments, and remember that we’re all in this together.

Barbora Tichá – 4.D